Meet Heidi!

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Meet Heidi!

Hi there! I am Heidi Wickett.  I was born and raised in Maine, which is a beautiful state with many opportunities for scenic photographs.

I have been married to my husband, Craig, for more than 22 years and we have two adult sons. My husband is a big help and a great team member.

I have always loved going through old photo albums with family and friends. To share the many different stories that come with these photos, makes my heart happy.

I got into photography so that I could help make happy memories for others. Those memories of fun times together are something you will enjoy for years to come.  Photos also preserve those special days  in our lives that only come once – weddings, graduations, and the milestones of childhood. 

I love to have fun at my photoshoots. Seeing people happy and capturing that makes me feel like I have successfully done my job. I also like to capture candid shots while at photoshoots and often the candid shots are really special. 

I specialize in Senior, Family, and Wedding photos and my work has been featured in articles in Central Maine and The Piscatiquis Observer. 

Some of my art is also  featured at local businesses. Check out their websites at: 

Heavenly Smiles located in Hampden, ME

Benjamin’s Pub located in Bangor, ME

GrandBelly’s located in Medway, ME

I would love the opportunity to work for you and look forward to being your photographer!  

Things that I love!

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